Monday, May 21, 2007

From UC San Diego: Selection of Architect - Theodore Gildred Facility Renovation, UCSD Medical Center


The University of California, San Diego, will be selecting an Executive Architect to perform program confirmation, design, construction drawings, bid, and construction phase services for the Theodore Gildred Facility renovation, UCSD Medical Center, Hillcrest, San Diego, California. The construction budget is estimated to be $3,200,000 at CCCI 4616. The project is subject to the campus/university academic and administrative approval process.


The existing Gildred Facility, a three-story building with existing offices and wet labs, contains approximately 35,000 Overall Gross Square Feet (OGSF). This project will consist of light renovation of approximately 7,000 OGSF and major renovation of approximately 23,000 OGSF, which will be confirmed by selected Executive Architect. The project will renovate the building with offices on the top two floors and clinic and office spaces on the ground floor. This project is not subject to OSHPD review.

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