Monday, May 07, 2007

Comment on MTC's Draft Public Participation Plan

From the Metropolitan Transit Commission:

MTC is releasing its Draft Public Participation Plan for comment. Newly adopted federal legislation requires metropolitan planning organizations such as MTC to adopt such a plan to provide the public with opportunities to be involved in the transportation planning process. As a result, we embarked on a four-month evaluation of our current public participation practices by requesting input from the public on how to best engage them in our transportation planning process. We conducted a Web survey and consulted with staff of numerous public agencies. In addition, we conducted focus groups with a range of interests, including:

-Representatives from MTC’s three advisory committees
-Peer Panel with public information officers from a range of local, state, regional and federal transportation and environmental protection agencies
-Participants in a support group for low-income single parents attending college -Leaders of bicycle and pedestrian groups -transit union representatives -private transportation providers

The results of our efforts are incorporated into the Draft Public Participation Plan, which is available on MTC's Web site:

Draft Public Participation Plan Schedule:
Key dates leading up to adoption of the MTC Public Participation Plan are shown below.
May 4, 2007: Release of Draft Public Participation Plan for 45-day public comment period

June 8, 2007: Public hearing during MTC's Legislation Committee
June 20, 2007: 4 p.m., close of public comment period for Draft Public Participation Plan
July 13, 2007: Response to public comments on plan and final review of draft plan by Legislation Committee and referral to full Commission
July 25, 2007: Commission action on final MTC Public Participation Plan

How to Comment:
We welcome your comments online at the above link, or send us your comments by replying to this email (, or by U.S. mail to: MTC Public Information, 101 Eighth St., Oakland, CA 94607. You may also wish to attend the June 8 public hearing, which will take place as part of MTC's Legislation Committee, slated for 10 a.m. or following MTC's Planning and Operations committees, whichever occurs later.

Alternate Formats:
If you would like a printed copy of the draft document, or if you prefer an electronic copy in an alternate format, please call MTC's Library at 510.817.5836. We will be translating this document into Spanish and Chinese, as well as other languages upon request, and will make them available soon on MTC's Web site.

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