Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Bird's Nest - Herzog and de Meuron in China

On Thursday, June 25 we will be showing a fascinating documentary at Dahlin Group in Pleasanton. The documentary "Bird's Nest: Herzog and de Meuron in China" follows Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron as they design the National Stadium for the 2008 Olympic summer games and a district that serves 300,000 Jinhua inhabitants.

The built environment of China is quickly transforming and international architects are in high demand. Herzog and de Meuron work to create structures that not only serve the everyday needs of the people of China but can represent China to the world in it's international debut. In the face of cultural and political challenges new architectural insights are revealed, as well as an understanding of the effect that this time of rapid change is having on China.


Bird's Nest: Herzog & de Mueron in China

A fascinating documentary about the Peking Olympic Stadium in China.

Time: Noon - 1:30pm

Location: Dahlin Group, 5865 Owens Dr., Pleasanton

Contact: 510/464-3600

Cost: None; this program is open to everyone. Please RSVP.


For more information: 510/464-3600

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