Tuesday, August 19, 2008

VectorWorks User Group

The next meeting of the Northern California VectorWorks User Group (NCVWUG) will be Tuesday, September 9, 2008. At this meeting, Jack Stone will demonstrate how to generate exotic 3 dimensional objects in Sketchup using Ruby scripts. These objects could then be imported into VectorWorks as schematic design elements. Time permitting there will also be a review of the tools in each of the various tool palettes. Future meetings will allow time to review one or two tool palettes. Bring your questions as there will be time allotted for the all important Q&A period. Mark your calendar and plan to attend. As always, you're guaranteed to walk away with a new idea or two. NCVWUG meets at AIA East Bay the second Tuesday of every month.

1.5 CES/LU

For more information, contact: Larry Mortimer, AIA or 510/464-3600.

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