Saturday, March 01, 2008

Control By Design: Integrating Technology For Ease of Use While Minimizing Aesthetic Impact

Home automation systems can provide convenience, security, energy conservation, and peace of mind - all from a single control panel and a centralized location. This two-part presentation will explore many facets of home automation technology being requested by today's home owners and discuss innovative solutions to conceal and/or minimize the aesthetic impact of installations. Mirror TV's, mud over speakers, motorized lifts, and multifunction keypads will be covered.

Presented by Ty Carstarphen & Bryan Weinberg with High Definition Home and Rick Coven with Crestron West.

Attendees will learn the capabilities and trends of todays home automation systems.
They will gain knowledge of the benefits of home automation and the ease of working the technology for both end user and installer.

Wednesday 3/05/08
Time: Noon-1:30
Location: AIA East Bay Chapter Office, 1405 Clay Street, Oakland
Kellie Hewlett at 510/464-3600
Cost: None, Lunch and Drinks are provided.
This Forum open to all.
Please RSVP to ensure proper food count.

For more information:
Kellie Hewlett, Program Coordinator, 510/464-3600

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