Tuesday, March 18, 2008

2008 Survey for California Architectural Firms

Management Design, Bay Area-based business consultants specializing in architecture and design firms, extends an open invitation to participate in the 2008 Survey for California Architectural Firms. The AIACC endorses this research and encourages participation. The annual survey is the most comprehensive study of regional compensation and operational statistics available to California architectural firms, providing up-to-date operations, compensation, benefit and billing rate information. Nearly 1,000 California design firms will receive questionnaires during the first week in May.

The impact of this survey depends on timely information. Results are provided free of charge to participants who respond to the survey by the deadline date of June 2008. Non-responding AIA members may purchase the survey at a discounted rate of $130. Results are available to non-AIA members for $150.

If your firm would like to participate, and you have not previously received a questionnaire or have moved within the last year, go to www.managementdesign.com and fill out a participation form or contact Marcella Canori
marcella@managementdesign.com . Thank you for your time and participation as we successfully produce the 31st annual Survey for California Architectural Firms.

For more information: marcella@managementdesign.com

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