Monday, July 09, 2007

Small Firm Forum Garden Tour

From the Small Firm Forum:

The Feyerabend and Madden Landscape Architecture and Garden Design gardens tour
is this coming Thursday, July 12.

We will begin the tour at the Berres Garden, 130 Somerset Road,
Piedmont at 12 Noon (the cross street is Estates Drive,
which is entered from Park Boulevard),
then take a 10 minute drive to the Martinez and Sloan Garden,
915 Sunnyhills Road,Oakland (nearTrestle Glenn Rd.
in the upper Lakeshore Avenue district).

Begin the tour at the Berres Garden, 130 Somerset Road, Piedmont.
Enter Estates Drive from Park Avenue; turn right onto Estates Dr.
and continue to Somerset; turn left onto Somerset Road.
The house has a red "Spanish tile" roof, and is
on the left side of the road, very near the intersection.

After viewing the Berres Garden, drive to the Martinez and
Sloan residence: because Somerset is very narrow, uphill
and winding, it is difficult to turn around, so
we suggest that you continue on Somerset, northwest
to Crest Road; turn left on Crest. Follow Crest
to Hampton Road (Crest is perpedicular to Hampton)
then turn left onto Hampton Road (you are now traveling
southeast). Follow Hampton Road to Inverleith Terrance;
here you may either turn right onto Inverleith and
follow it southwest to Estates Drive, OR you may
continue on Hampton Road until you reach Estates Drive.
Turn right on Estates Drive and continue to Park Blvd.
You will drive a short distance west on Park Blvd.:
turn right onto Park, cross St. James Drive/Leimert Blvd.,
then turn right onto Trestle Glenn. Follow Trestle Glenn
to Sunnyhills Road and make a right on Sunnyhills.
Look for a grey stucco house just a short distance up
Sunnyhills, on the corner of Hillcroft Circle.
10-15" drive.

I suggest that you trace the directions on a map
before making the trip.

Bring a bag lunch and a drink: we will eat in the
Berres Garden between Noon
and 12:30.

*Also bring $3.00 please, if you are not an AIA member.
*Please be prepared to stay until 2 p.m. this time,
if you can.
*Car pooling is a good idea, as Sommerset Road is very narrow,
and parking is
limited, and it may be necessary to park some distance up
the hill and walk
down; parking is also limited on Sunnyhills Road.
*Lost? Call Joe' s cell phone: 510-220-5766.

We'll see you Thursday.

For more information:
Kaaren Spitzley ( Spitzley (
Spitzley Construction, Inc., Berkeley, California
Phone: 510/841-2185; Joe's cell 510/220-5766

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