Wednesday, April 04, 2007

ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION: How do you design a project your client can afford to build?

Attend the Small Firm Forum tomorrow, Thursday April 5, 2007 from Noon-1:30pm for a Roundtable Discussion titled, "How do you Design a Project Your Client Can Afford to Build?"

AIA East Bay
1405 Clay Street
Oakland, CA
BART: 12th Street/City Center Station.

Discussion will be facilitated by Andus Brandt (Blackbird Designs), and Kaaren & Joe Spitzley(Spitzley Construction, Inc.).

Please be prepared to describe briefly: 1) A project that got built and the process that led to a successful completion, 2) A project that did not get built and the process that led to things falling apart, 3) What were the main differences that made (1) successful and (2) unsuccessful?

•Did your client have a budget?
•When did you and your client start cost analysis?
•Did you work with a contractor for the cost analysis?
•Does the choice of engineer(s) make any difference?
•Do you or your client choose the consultant(s), e.g. soils engineer, structural engineer?
•How often do you have a surveyor work on your projects?
•Other - please bring your own pertinent issues.

For more information: 510/464-3600

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