Friday, April 13, 2007

Magazine Submission: Money Magazine

From Duo Dickinson, AIA:

"As of last week, I am the "Contributing Editor for Home Design" for Money Magazine. In that role, I will be executing one article a month about home design projects – typically on a relatively small scale. Projects included in the magazine will be viewed by 7 million non-architects. The credits are on page, although small, but the truth is that if someone likes what they see, they’ll be able to find your name and, of course, if they contact the magazine I’ll make sure your name is given directly to them ASAP.

Unfortunately, the deadlines are excruciatingly tight, so I’ll need low content visuals (photos only are fine) of before and after shots of the following two items (for now!):

1. A dramatic change in a given exterior and/or interior due to new windows, skylights, etc.

2. A simple, discreet, easily understood (and yet wonderfully beautiful!) master bedroom addition.

Again, we need both before and after pics, and pehaps the seminal four to six shots, using low content, e-mailable art sent to me at no later than Monday, April 23. If they are professional shots, please supply the name and phone number of the photographer for follow up.

If you want to get a flavor of what these articles will be like, there will be an eight-page spread to launch my association with Money in the May issue that comes out in a couple of weeks. It shows some of my stuff, but also a wonderful project by Dennis Wedlick that fit the editorial message perfectly."

For more information:
Duo Dickinson, AIA
94 Bradley Road
Madison, CT 06443
203-245-0093 fax

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