Monday, April 02, 2007

Regional Transportation Update and its Effect on Livable Community Design

From SMPS:

Regional Transportation Update and its Effect on Livable Community Design
April 19

Please join us for an in-depth look at improvements and expansions to transportation systems in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Included will be a detailed report on the plans for a statewide high-speed rail system – joining San Francisco to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Palmdale, Palmdale to Fresno, Fresno to Sacramento, and Sacramento to San Jose. This monolith is already meaning big contracts to environmental firms with billions & billions more in the pipeline. With all the transportation work on the horizon, we’ll hear what regional planners are doing to develop more livable communities by embracing transit corridors.

We will provide current information on activities of major transportation initiatives including updating California High Speed Rail Authority, Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and BART, amongst others. We will also explore opportunities for Transit Oriented Development such as commercial, mixed-use, housing and retail with agencies such as Transportation and Land Use Coalition, BART, County Transportation Agencies, and more.

Keynote Speaker: Stuart Cohen, Executive Director, Transportation & Land Use Coalition

Panel: Dan Leavitt, Deputy Director, California High-Speed Rail Authority
Christina Watson, Transportation Planner, Transportation Agency of Monterey County
Jeff Ordway, Manager of Property Development, Bay Area Rapid Transit

Registration deadline: April 13th. 2 CEUs – Domains 1 & 3. Marine's Memorial Club & Hotel, 609 Sutter Street @ Mason, San Francisco 94102.

For more information: Open the registration link here.

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