Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Monterey Design Conference

Inspiration is "found poetry" in the go-go business world, and all too often design professionals find themselves conforming to clients wishes, code requirements, and budget restraints.

The Monterey Design Conference, presented by AIA California Council, is an event designed to let artistic minds wander. Speakers are selected based on their ability to inspire, provoke and tax the creative muscles. The location, Asilomar, is a Julia Morgan treasure trove on Monterey Bay. Its camp-like atmosphere allows the curious child resurface and keeps the present world at bay, at least for the weekend.

The line-up is strong: Toshiko Mori, AIA; Robert Ivy, FAIA; and Yung Ho Chang. Saturday night curl up with some smores for the revolutionary documentary
Los Angeles Plays Itself. Relax, unwind, rejuvenate.

For more information: Monterey Design Conference

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