Monday, August 29, 2005

2005 Internship Conference - Designing Tomorrow’s Architect.

The Institute Update from Norman Koonce, FAIA, is usually a 10+ page memo chock-a-block with information. Here's one of the highlights:

"2005 Internship Conference - Designing Tomorrow’s Architect. The 2005 Internship Conference will be held next month in San Antonio. About 70 invited participants and speakers will convene...setting the stage for discussions about the important transition from education to practice. In order to best engage all interested parties in the dialogue, the advisory committee has hosted forums at the annual meetings of each collateral organization and collected stakeholder input from various groups within the profession while shaping the conference agenda.

The advisory committee was overwhelmingly pleased by the response of 158 emerging professionals to the essay competition they hosted to select 25 emerging professional participants. They agreed that the entrants put forward thoughtful and passionate essays on internship, both their personal experiences as well as proposed changes. The Web site, has been updated to include the names of selected participants and links to their essays. Also posted are the essays of the non-selected entrants in order to stimulate the discussion concerning internship issues prior to the conference.

You will also find background information and suggested reading on internship issues as well as progress reports from the collateral organizations outlining their accomplishments in this area. "

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