Thursday, February 24, 2011

Committee on the Environment Forum: Zero Net Energy Design - A Case Study of DPRs San Diego Office Building

Many buildings today purporting to have high degrees of sustainability as fostered through the LEED rating system of the US Green Building Council are - in energy terms. However, many are far from achieving the level of sustainability that authorities have already legislated to be mainstream by the close of the decade. For example, in California, laws are in place demanding new residential homes built in 2020 and beyond to be Zero Net Energy, with commercial buildings to follow in 2030. "Achievable" efficiency (40% - 70% better than code) should certainly be common practice among the most efficient buildings built today, but they are not. To achieve the necessary levels of energy savings we need to move into the area of smart design. This presentation will provide insight to the design process that occurred to achieve the new San Diego DPR had office net zero building and detail the design process and a case study of the results of the project after the first year of operation.

Andrea Traber is Director of KEMA’s Sustainable Buildings and Operations group. This group provides sustainable design consulting, LEED consulting, commissioning, retro-commissioning, high performance energy modeling, green building guideline and policy development, and sustainability master planning. Ms. Traber has an extensive background as Project Architect and sustainability consultant on over 40 LEED projects achieving all levels of certification and on a wide variety of project types, and has provided sustainability consulting on over 120 projects and programs. Her work includes climate action planning, green building and energy program design with municipalities and public agencies. She works with private sector real estate industry, property management firms, design and construction firms, energy utilities and public agencies. Ms. Traber is Past-President (3 years) and current Board Member (6 years) of the Northern California Chapter of the USGBC, and served as Board Member of Build It Green for 3 years. She has been actively engaged in green building practice, research and advocacy since 1992.


Committee on the Environment Forum: Zero Net Energy Design - A Case Study of DPRs San Diego Office Building

Andrea Traber, Director of KEMA's Sustainable Buildings and Operations group, will present the Zero Net Energy design process as it was used to achieve the San Diego DPR head office.

Time: Noon - 1:30pm

Location: AIA East Bay Chapter Office, 1405 Clay Street, Oakland

Contact: 510/464-3600 or Andrea Powell, Intl. Assoc. AIA

Cost: None; this program open to all.


For more information: 510/464-3600

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