Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creating Opportunities for Success in an Economic Downturn

In order to be successful professionally, we need to craft a compelling approach that includes not only what we can do for a client or employer, but also why we will be the best choice for the project or position. We create distinctiveness through content and style, using image and positioning to influence our audiences. We use the context of the opportunity to customize our value proposition, incorporating our unique talent, strategy, and capabilities. And we use our business and social networks in order to open doors of opportunity.

Attendees will learn the importance of each of these components, as well as a framework for assembling them to create success now and in the future.

Marjanne Pearson is a management consultant with two distinct practices in the design industry: Talentstar, focused on recruiting and other talent strategies, and Next Moon, focused on market and practice strategies to achieve success and sustainability. She began her career more than 25 years ago, initially working for seminal firms in San Francisco. She established her own consulting practice in 1987 with Frank O. Gehry as her first client. Today, her clients include a remarkable constellation of design firms that include signature designers, emergent practices, regional powerhouses, and corporate giants, with offices around the world. Click here to read Marjanne's article "When your new job is to find your next job".


Women in Architecture Forum - Creating Opportunities for Success in an Economic Downturn
Join Marjanne Pearson to learn practical tips for when your new job is to find your next job.

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm

Location: AIA East Bay Chapter Office, 1405 Clay Street, Oakland.

Contact: 510/464-3600 or Laura de la Torre, Assoc. AIA

Cost: None; this program open to all.

1.5 CES/LU

For more information: 510/464-3600

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