Friday, July 11, 2008

YAF: Best & Worst Project Experiences of 2008

Best & Worst Project Experiences of 2008

Join the Young Architects Forum July 15th at 6pm to talk about your best and worst (or maybe just not great) experiences this year. It could be about a project you are currently working on, or a project you were pursuing or even one that had an untimely end.

It's a way for us to learn from one another and maybe even get a pulse on the way the market is moving this year. Maybe you had the plan review from hell or the design review that went your way. A client who was totally supportive of your ideas or one who wanted everything gold-plated but with tin foil AE fees. Maybe you spent a week putting together a proposal for a whale of a project only to see it walk out the door because some firm in Thailand could do it for a third of the fee. It happens.

It's a little past the middle of the year and we are in the home stretch, so come on down, grab a drink and let's remember the best and worse for the year-to-date.

Join the Young Architects Forum (it's okay if you're just young at heart):
Tuesday, July 15th
AIA East Bay
1405 Clay Street, Oakland, CA
12th Street/City Center BART Stop
All are welcome, no cost to attend.
We provide 1 CES/Lu and the drinks!

For more information: AIA East Bay 510/464-3600

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