Thursday, July 10, 2008

Group Health Coverage for Individuals & Small Firms in Architecture and Design-Related Professions

Looking for a health plan for yourself or your small firm? The OWA (Organization of Women Architects & Design Professionals) has provided this major benefit to their members (women and men) for the past 30 years. Two flexible, easy to join plans with Health Net provide all the benefits of a large group plan to an individual or small business.

The lower deductible HMO has strong benefits and allows individuals to join regardless of pre-existing conditions. The more affordable higher deductible PPO Health Savings Account plan has a 6-month pre-existing condition wait period.
If you join as a member of a firm and move on, you can keep your health plan membership as an individual at the same premium.
Firms have flexible options including signing up some staff in one plan and some in another and some not all.
You can join the health plan at any time, effective the first of the month following enrollment in OWA. OWA membership costs $50 per person per year.

For more information about OWA, check out

For more information: contact Anne Jakiemiec, OWA’s insurance broker or Janet Crane, OWA’s Health Plan Coordinator at 415 398 4094.

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