Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Date: Jan. 10, 2008
Time: High noon.
Location: AIA East Bay, 1405 Clay St., Oakland
Cost: $3 (free for AIA/EB members)

Early in December 2007, a few thousand diplomats, politicians, famous personalities and scientists descended on a remote paradise, Bali, mostly in small private jets that had to be parked on an adjacent island because there wasn't enough ramp space for all of them, to discuss climate change and how countries should address it. In particular they were concerned about a follow on to the Kyoto Protocol, which would be more strict and effective. They were also extremely interested in the problem of crafting offsets which would allow relatively wealthy and developed countries to buy their way out of goals for carbon emission reductions which they could not, due to practical political considerations, meet.

A veteran Small Firm Forum member tried to make sense of all this, the new green revolution, and the implications for small scale architects and their clients in his reflections during the day without success. But some pot must have gone to simmer because that night, after a day of seeing the word "green" a hundred times, said veteran found himself sitting at the wheel of his car, stopped at a stop sign when out of the corner of his eye, moving from left to right in the cross walk was a green furry monkey. Soon thereafter many others followed, and a trickle became a swarm. Sensing some danger in this wandering, ambling army of green-ness, said Small Firm Forum veteran noticed that his window was open and quickly proceeded to close it. It was a difficult hand crank window that just wouldn't seem to go up fast enough. But finally it was done and breathing a sigh of relief he turned his head to the right and there he was, a green furry monkey sitting in the passenger seat.

At our first meeting of 2008, we will explore The Color, in small practice. Bring your experiences and help us understand the difference between dream and reality. Bring some good questions and give some thought to questions like these:

What are we doing in our practices/firms operationally that we did not do a couple years ago that might be considered more environmentally friendly?

Is there anything we should be doing that is just too inconvenient?

Are we going to be able to manage this field of sustainability or are we in the end going to resort to having another regular consultant on the team?

How hard should/can we push clients?

People who can afford to hire us are reasonably well off. Should those less well off be held to a stricter and more inconvenient set of conservation measures?

What is the low hanging fruit in terms of products or concepts that we can incorporate into our work which will make them more environmentally friendly?

What is your experience with your clients? Are they consistent in their commitment/reservations about color architecture?

See you there for a lively discussion, and have a great Holiday Season and New Year.
Donald has given us a provocative challenge. Contact him at or just come on January 10 and join the debate.

For More Information Contact: Catherine Roha, AIA - Architect

for faster response please phone 510-845-1833

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