Wednesday, September 19, 2007


From Kiel Schmidt:

"I am proud to announce the first quarterly ArcHop. Thursday October 4th, 5-8pm at 1416 Broadway @ Tuolumne in Downtown Fresno.

ArcHop is a response to the need for an improved built environment in Fresno. This subject has often been a point of discussion on MindHub. Recognizing that we are at a critical point in shaping the future of this city and region, we extend an invitation to the design community and public to participate in quarterly exhibitions and discussions. Our culture, our city, and our architecture stand to benefit from an open discussion about these topics. We welcome your thoughts, ideas, concepts, projects, opinions,and experiences. Architecture firms presenting their work will include the Taylor Teter Partnership, Arthur Dyson Associates, Global Studio Collaborative, and others. "

For more information:Kiel Famellos-Schmidt, (559) 437-0887,

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