Monday, August 27, 2007

City of Orinda Mayor's Award

City of Orinda Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Architecture, Landscape and Environmental Sustainability

Call for Entries and Application
Applications Accepted March 15, 2007 to September 15, 2007

The Mayor of the City of Orinda invites entries for the "Mayor’s Award for Excellence" to recognize excellence in local architecture, landscape and environmental sustainability projects which make an extraordinary contribution to the character and livability of Orinda neighborhoods.

All submissions must be for projects in the City of Orinda that were completed no earlier than January 1, 2004.
Applicants may submit any number of eligible entries provided each is submitted separately with separate entry fees.
All residential projects, regardless of project size, budget, style, or building type are eligible for submission, including remodeling projects.
Residential projects are eligible and will be evaluated based on the criteria contained on the attached form for their respective categories. For all categories the design must be consistent with the City’s General Plan and development standards and guidelines.
Entries are weighed individually, not in competition with others.
A panel of residents with experience in architecture, landscape and environmental sustainability will be appointed by the Mayor to select the award winners.
Up to three finalists may be recognized in each category.

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