Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Request for Proposal: Architectural/Engineering Services for ADA Compliance Work

City College of San Francisco, Facilities Management, wishes to procure architectural /engineering services for work related to ADA Compliance. Architectural/engineering services are needed for three categories of work described below:

I. Preparation of Floor Plans in ACAD for all City College Buildings.
Scope of Work: Review existing floor plans and verify in field. Update floor plans, as needed, and for each building prepare final floor plan in ACAD format using "U.S. National CAD Standards." These drawings in ACAD format will be used as base drawings for work, which includes, but is not limited, to the following: City College Campus Access Guide, Evacuation Plans, and Designated Accessible Facilities.

Buildings include, but may not be limited to, Batmale Hall, Cloud Hall, Creative Arts/Diego Rivera Theater, Creative Arts Extension, Conlan Hall, Smith Hall/Statler Wing, Student Union, Rosenberg Library, Horticulture, Evans Campus, Alemany Campus, Downtown Campus, and Gough Street.

II. Designated Accessible Facilities.
Scope of Work: With general direction from District's project manager, prepare construction documents for renovation of laboratory, computer, classroom, and special program facilities to meet accessibility compliance requirements for the disabled.
Examples of work: Provision of accessible entry into building to each floor level to designated accessible labs, classrooms, or special program spaces. All unique program spaces and one-third of all computer labs, wet labs, and classrooms, including art studios and music rooms, be accessible. Accessible labs may require specially modified workstations, appropriate clearances and reach distances at fume hoods, sinks, and shower and eyewashes.

III. Areas of Rescue Assistance.
Scope of Work: Using the guidelines prepared by The McMullen Co., the District's consultant for building evacuation plans, prepare construction documents for construction of "Areas of Rescue Assistance" in multi-level buildings, that meet the exiting requirements of 2001 California Code of Regulations 2001, Title 24.
Examples of work: Provide, as needed, 1-hr rated assemblies at existing stair tower enclosures, and specify communication devices, magnetic door-holders to be integrated into the fire alarm control panel. Provide proper signage and graphics at evacuation chair locations designated by Emergency Evacuation Plan.

Deadline for Completion of Work
The updating of floor plans is urgent, and must be completed by August 31, 2007 for use as the base graphics for the Evacuation Signs. Additionally, these updated floor plans will be used as base drawings for the design of Designed Accessible Facilities and Areas of Rescue Assistance, which must be completed and submitted to the California Division of the State Architect by October 17, 2007.

If your firm is interested in providing services, please provide a brief letter of interest by Tuesday, July 10, 2007, 5 PM, to Caroline SooHoo, Project Manager, Facilities Planning, City College of San Francisco, 50 Phelan Avenue, B-601, San Francisco, CA 94112.

In your letter, please address the following items:
1. Your experience with community college facilities and alterations for ADA compliance.
2. The availability of your staff and consultants to meet the October 17, 2007 deadline for DSA submittal.
3. Your proposal for fees and services.

Updated information related to this RFP will be posted to the City College website:

For more information: Caroline SooHoo, Project Manager at 415-239-3572 or email at

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