Thursday, January 25, 2007

The 2010 Imperative Teach-in Qualifies for HSW CE Credits

The 2010 Imperative Teach-in: A Webcast on Climate Change

AIA East Bay will be a host of the 2010 Teach-In on 2/20/07. Registration information will be posted by 1/30/07. Seating will be limited!

To successfully impact global warming and world resource depletion, it is imperative that ecological literacy become a central tenet of design education. Yet today, the interdependent relationship between ecology and design is virtually absent in many professional curricula. To meet the immediate and future challenges facing our professions, a major transformation of the academic design community must begin today. To accomplish this, The 2010 Imperative calls upon this community to adopt the following:

Beginning in 2007, add to all design problems that: "the design engage the environment in a way that dramatically reduces or eliminates the need for fossil fuel." By 2010, achieve complete ecological literacy in design education, including:

design / studio
history / theory
materials / technology
structures / construction
professional practice / ethics

By 2010, achieve a carbon-neutral design school campus by:
implementing sustainable design strategies generating on-site renewable power purchasing green renewable energy and/or certified renewable energy credits (REC's, Green Tags)

For more information: Kellie Hewlett at 510/464-3600

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