Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Request for Projects for Duo Dickinson's New Book

For Duo Dickinson’s new book for Taunton Press:

Saved By Design
-Dr. Duo’s Cure For The Common House

Classic House Type (Cape, Center Hall, Ranch, etc.) ADDITION/RENOVATION
Need excellent existing condition photography or, PREFERABLY, a project that would be available for professional photography of “before” photos, BUT WOULD BE FINISHED/READY TO PHOTO NO LATER THAN JUNE 1, 2007! –owners’ names needed in text, but specific location can be vague, budget not needed. Full design credit will be given, as well as copious laudatory prose.

Classic Scenarios/Problems/Dysfunctions you’ve found in renovating any Classic House Type (see above) If your specific description of “déjà vu” design flaws of these prototypic American home dysfunctions is useful, you will be credited, and if solutions are acceptable, they will be depicted, with full credit, in the book.

Submit your favorite Archi-speak phrase(s)/words/syntax This will be a rollicking good time of a book, and a little self-deprecation never hurt any profession–and once again, you will be credited…


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