Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Mills Cultural Landscape Heritage Plan Lecture Series

Mills Cultural Landscape Heritage Plan Lecture Series:

The first lecture will be presented October 11, 2006 by professor and renowned author Helen Lefkowitz Horowitz of Smith College. She will consider Mills within the evolving plan of women’s colleges in the United States and its bearing on the campus today.

The second lecture will be presented February 28, 2007 by author Phoebe Cutler, who writes and lectures on garden and landscape history. She will speak about the work of landscape architect, Howard Gilkey, the first landscape architect at Mills College, and Dr. Howard McMinn noted botanist, and their influence both regionally and nationally.

The third lecture will be presented March 28, 2007 by Vonn Marie May, Cultural Landscape Specialist and prime consultant for cultural landscape and buildings on the Mills College Landscape Heritage Plan. She will bring the campus up to date on the team’s findings of the campus’s development as influenced by numerous landscape architects and those architects who have worked at Mills.

For more information: Carrie K. Milligan, or 510/430-2125

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