Monday, June 13, 2011

Bike Alameda

BikeAlameda and the City of Alameda are very happy to introduce a new transportation choice between west Alameda and Oakland. Now bicyclists and pedestrians can travel quickly and safely between Atlantic and Webster and Lake MerrittBART/Laney College.

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Stops: Atlantic & Webster and Lake Merritt BART (near Laney College)
Riders: General public, bicyclists and students, faculty and staff from the College of Alameda and Laney College
Cost: Free to users
Hours: Weekday peak commute hours every 30 minutes
Bus Capacity: 24 passengers and 12 bicycles
When: late summer 2011

Stay tuned for specific route, schedules and stop locations!!! Background

Today, bicyclists and pedestrians traveling between the west end of Alameda and Oakland's downtown must use either a bus with a bicycle rack that carries up to two bicycles or a narrow path in the Posey Tube with two-way pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Also, students who are enrolled simultaneously at Laney College and the College of Alameda do not have a direct transit route between these two schools. The City of Alameda, in cooperation with the City of Oakland, the Peralta Community College District and BikeAlameda, won a Bay Area Air Quality Management District Transportation Fund for Clean Air Regional Fund program grant to operate the Estuary Crossing Shuttle for one year with an option to apply for future year funding.

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