Monday, June 21, 2010

Final BAAQMD CEQA Guidelines Now Available

Final BAAQMD CEQA Guidelines Now Available

The final version of the CEQA Guidelines reflecting the Air District’s Board of Directors adoption of the CEQA thresholds on June 2, 2010 is now available on our website. The final document reflects the Board’s June 2nd action, as well as a number of minor typographical and formatting revisions. A list of the revisions to the CEQA Guidelines is posted as well. Visit our website for more information,

District staff is continuing to work on enhancing and updating the technical resources to assist lead agencies in applying the Air District’s thresholds. Look out for future notices as new resources are posted online.

District staff is available to assist local governments in applying our CEQA thresholds.

For more information: Please contact me with any questions.

Sigalle Michael, Senior Environmental Planner 415-749-4683 |

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