Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Railroad Corridor Charrette

The American Institute of Architects, East Bay will facilitate a charrette for the Pittsburg Railroad Corridor (on Railroad Blvd.). Scheduled for October 27, 2007, the charrette will focus on a critical corridor that will serve as the connective tissue between a future eBART station and the highly active downtown redevelopment area. This initiative will seek solutions and input from community participants, architects and other design professionals for a mixed-use area comprising public parks, low-density housing, small-business buildings and the north-south Railroad Avenue transportation corridor. AIA East Bay welcomes and encourages all A/E/C professionals-and the public-to participate.

In partnership with the City of Pittsburg and UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design, the AIA East Bay will seek community participation in the planning and design process that will help establish the framework for the redevelopment of Pittsburg's railroad corridor. According to Railroad Corridor Charrette Chair Steven Winkel, FAIA, "Architects of the AIA East Bay see this as an opportunity to give back to the community. We began this important initiative to add value to people's everyday lives while taking their local vision and heritage into account."

Collaborative work began over a year ago. With mutual buy-in, city officials and the AIA East Bay sought the participation of graduate students at UC Berkeley's College for Environmental Design. While student participation at this level is not a traditional practice, Winkel and Pittsburg leaders saw great value in involving graduate students to conduct preliminary field and data analysis. Students will bring forth feasibility, development and implementation recommendations as part of a graduate studio taught by Professors Michael Southworth and Donlyn Lyndon, FAIA. Additionally, Lyndon will make a presentation at the charrette aimed at helping community members establish a baseline understanding of fundamental urban design principals.

Background Analyses from Michael Southworth's Urban Design Masters Class

Historical Timeline
Pittsburg Demographics
Environmental FactorsRailroad Avenue in Context
Access: Connections & Constraints in Pittsburg, CA
Waste Space
Visible Landscape: Problems and Possibilities

Pittsburg's past-Mayor Michael Kee, AIA, states, "We've put a lot of focus into this project. The city hopes to draw upon and harness community involvement and energy to see the railroad corridor take on a vital role in our community. The intent is to help cultivate rapid turnaround and success for this vital area of our community within the next few years."

In late January 2008, the City of Pittsburg will host a festive event to publicly present an overview of the proceedings and recommendations resulting from the charrette.


Please RSVP to Sidney Sweeney
Railroad Corridor Charrette
Elks Lodge, 200 Marina Blvd, Pittsburg
Saturday 10/27/07
Breakfast and Lunch will be provided

For more information: or 510/464-3600

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