Monday, December 04, 2006

Call for entries: EDRA/Places Awards 2007

Call for entries: EDRA/Places Awards 2007
Deadline January 30, 2007

Place Design - Place Planning - Place Research

The annual EDRA/Places award program recognizes good places and how people inhabit them. Awards are offered in planning, design and design research. EDRA/Places awards recognizes projects with significance beyond any one profession or field. The awards emphasize a link between research and practice. As these awards demonstrate, excellent design can be inspired by a careful understanding of people's interactions with places.

EDRA (Environmental Design Research Association) is an international association of design professionals, researchers, students, and others committed to advancing and disseminating environment design research. EDRA is committed to improving the relationships between people and places, and helping to create places that respond to human needs.

Places is a leading interdisciplinary journal dedicated to providing a forum of design for the public realm.


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