Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Call for Exhibits

The AIA East Bay Exhibit Call for Entries

The American Institute of Architects, East Bay is a dynamic organization that promotes access to architectural information, materials, and services to its members, design professionals, and the community. Toward this end, the AIA East Bay sponsors design exhibits throughout the year as a source of ideas and inspiration to promote discussion and dialogue.

Exhibits are chosen by the chapter’s Exhibits Committee according to the needs and interests of the membership and community, the variety of shows, the quality of the works, and the suitability of format for the AIA’s physical space.

Those interested in exhibiting are invited to submit a portfolio via emailed website link, jpegs/tiffs, or PDFs (no EPS or Quark files, please). Portfolios will be considered year-round, however, the submittal deadlines for upcoming exhibits are:

September 6, 2006 (Exhibit runs September 21-November 3)
October 18, 2006 (Exhibit runs November 14-January 2, 2006)
January 24, 2007 (Exhibit runs February 15-March 22)

Exhibits that fall within the following twelve categories will be considered during the above time period. Projects need not be built.

Exhibit Types:

1) Public Spaces 2) Arts and Culture 3) Sports and Athletic
4) Learning Centers 5) Civic and Community 6) Religious
7) Caring and Wellness 8) Hospitality 9) Housing
10) Industrial 11) Commercial 12) Transportation

Submittals should include:
Up to 20 labeled images of projects, including architect, photographer, and location.
Brief statement on each project/body of work.
Brief biographical statement for architect/group/firm, as appropriate.
Contact information of submitter.
Size of boards/items.

Submittals will be considered as parts of exhibits and, where appropriate, entire exhibits.

All accepted work must be prepared for presentation without framing. Standard installations are 30Xx30” foam core boards, however, other sizes and installation types will be considered. For unusual mountings, please include weight.

Please note the AIA East Bay is not a gallery; items will not be sold.

The AIA East Bay will:

  • Install exhibit, produce descriptive labels and exhibit notes for distribution.
  • Produce show announcements.
  • Assume responsibility for damage and losses for an appraised value not to exceed $500 per piece while items are exhibited, unless a contract is signed otherwise.
  • Submit press release and PSA to local media.

    The exhibitee will:
  • Provide all items in ready-to-install format by date specified.
  • Hold harmless the AIA East Bay for any damages above $500 per piece while items are exhibited, unless otherwise arranged.
  • Provide all credits and descriptive information in electronic format.
  • Be available to speak to the media.

Please send submittals and/or queries to, 510/464-3600.

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